3 Seconds For People To Judge Your Brand [Video]

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce 

Did you know it takes 3 seconds for people to judge your brand? When someone visits your website, it takes 3 seconds for them to decide whether or not they like you. Are you intriguing? Do they want to find out more?

Think about that for a second (or 3).

So, what to do?

Here’s a yummy titbit.

Make sure that whatever you’re putting out there is the best possible quality for you at that moment. We’ve all started somewhere, but at a certain point, it’s time to assess your website. What does it look like? How old is it?  What do your pictures look like? Look at all your Social Media channels.  For example, when someone new finds you on Instagram; they’ll look at your grid and it’ll take them 3 seconds to decide whether or not they want to follow you. That’s why your grid’s aesthetics are so important.

Compare apples with apples.

Your website, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and personal Facebook page all need to align with your personal brand. This applies to entrepreneurs and employees (because the first thing all employers do is look you up on Social Media).

Remember that when you’re interacting in Facebook groups, you’re interacting as yourself – your personal profile, not your business profile. If your business page looks great but your personal profile looks amateurish, you need to step up your game. This is especially true if you’re in the creative industry. Photography, the wedding industry, branding, web design – anything where you’re helping businesses with visuals. It’s important that your personal Facebook page and any other Social Media looks professional.

A piece of cake.

Some easy and actionable steps you can make right now is to make your personal Facebook page look professional. Step it up but keep it authentic. Update the banner image across the top and make your profile picture a professional shot. Use the same professional shot across all your Social Media channels (so you become instantly recognisable). Leverage the 5 feature images on the left-hand side of your Facebook page (I use a really nice family shoot that we had done because that’s part of my brand. I’m a mom and I run a business so it’s part of who I am and what I share). Turn off automatic tagging. Approve anything people want to tag you in, to control what’s being posted on your wall.  Create friends lists e.g categorise friends and family, people from certain areas like photographers, wedding planners, coaches or retouchers. (I sort all industries I’ve been in over the years and everybody’s in different lists). If there’s something I don’t think people would be that interested in I can show it to the specific people that I want to see the content. Make sure that your personal profiles look inviting and professional. Put yourself in your client’s shoes; if someone’s going to take 3 seconds to decide whether to follow or friend you; would they or wouldn’t they.

Your website, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and personal Facebook page all need to align with your personal brand.

Same chef, different kitchen.

Maintain the same consistency across all your Social Media channels. For inspiration and to see how it’s done follow me on Instagram: @segeriusbruce. Or join my private Facebook group;  Build Your Brand Online. We have a wonderful group of woman in there. It’s a strong support system and a really great vibe.

Here taste this… and be honest.

What would a potential client who visits your website think? Be honest with yourself. Have you skimped a little bit? Is your website more than a year old?  With the speed of technology, there are new layouts and changes to how websites look every 12 months. As a business, you need to budget at least once a year to revamp your website. Whether it’s your images, a revamp or a total overhaul. My coaching website is a year old, so I’ve redone mine recently. Have a look: www.segeriusbruce.com.

I have 3 brands;  my coaching, Segerius Bruce Social Media Services and Segerius Bruce Photography (which my husband runs).  I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from coaching and professional branding and applied it to all my sites.

Visit my photography site: www.segeriusbrucephotography.com, you’ll see it’s a personal brand. We share our story; with pictures of Craig and I barefoot on the beach. That’s how we spend most of our time and we’re connecting with our ideal clients.  The people that are booking Craig are people who are having beautiful relaxed beach weddings. And that suits us to the T.

In a nutshell.

Remember that your brand has to connect with the right people, quickly.  Ask yourself, who do you want to attract? Who do you want work with? And how do you create a brand that instantly attracts those people?  You have all the ingredients you need! It’s you connecting to your ideal client and them feeling connected to you.

What other ways do you connect with your ideal clients? Comment below and share your ideas; I’d love to hear from you.

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