How to choose to have a good day [Video]

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce 

How do you choose to have a good day? You know the drill in the morning. You wake up –  roll-over and tenderly reach out…  Nope! Not what I’m talking about. Your first point of contact for the day is you, blearily clutching your smartphone while scrolling or reading your emails through one sleepy eye. Before you know it your brain is ON. You start comparing yourself.  What you could be doing, what you should be doing, what they’re doing. This triggers you. You haven’t given yourself space to just ‘be’ and breathe and have your own thoughts before the day begins. This sets in motion overwhelm (you know those scattered feelings you get when you feel like you’re losing focus). It’s usually because you’re putting everybody else’s agenda ahead of yours.


Starting tomorrow, I want you to wake up and set an intention for the day. In yoga, at the beginning of every class, you set an intention. This is to keep you focused so that at the end of the class you know what you came there for. Start setting an intention at the beginning of your day. Turn off all notifications on your phone. Tech is amazing and your phone is a tool that serves you and helps your business. But, you can become addicted! A slave to your phone – checking it relentlessly. The first tip I give to my coaching clients is to turn off all notifications. This will help you feel less overwhelmed, distracted and unproductive.


First thing in the morning, put some uplifting music on and bring up the vibe in your home. The energy in the morning is so important! Don’t check your emails, don’t check your Social Media and don’t watch the news.  If you have kids, be present with them. Protect the good energy. Once the kids are at school, you’re free to journal or listen to an inspiring audio book.  Set your intention for the day.


I like a routine in the morning. After Saharah goes to school I make a cuppa tea. Go up to my sunroom, look out at the ocean and journal. It’s my place of inspiration. It allows my thoughts to flow, it’s a place where my ideas come from and where I set my intention for the day. For me, journaling’s a really great experience. I recently treated myself to a gorgeous Moleskine journal. Don’t worry – no moles were harmed. (Moleskines are bound by some type of fancy cotton fabric). I write with a beautiful 10-year-old parker pen that belonged to my late father.  I protect the energy around me when I journal  – so when I write I get more focus and fewer distractions. By changing your behaviour, taking actions and setting your intentions – you’ll release yourself from overwhelm and will make your day go the way you want it to.

‘i’ am grateful for… ‘i’ let go of…

If you’re new to journaling, I have some great cue’s to write from (so you don’t end up writing out your shopping list… yes that actually happens).  See what comes up for you after writing and answering the following:

Today I feel rich because…

Five things that I’m grateful for are…

I am open and ready to receive…

Another really good prompt is:  I release and let go of… (this is brilliant if you’re experiencing fear around something new in your business or something’s worrying you in your personal life).

iChoose to have a good day.

You’re open and ready to receive inspiration and motivation so you can take inspired action.

Protect the energy and write it down! Set your intentions every day and this will get you closer to your goal by moving you forward in your life and your business.

Tell me what other steps you use or something you’ve implemented to set up your day – I’d love to hear them.

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Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

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