Barefoot Luxe

business retreat

with chanelle segerius-bruce

An all-inclusive luxury beach house retreat for accomplished female business owners, like you, who desire clarity, focus and are ready to step into the role of coach, consultant or mentor.



Walk away feeling completely refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated with a step by step launch outline and marketing blueprint that will sell out your new  offer.

dream it. believe it. create it. live it.

Dream It

Enjoy four nights and five days in absolute paradise.

Dream It

Believe It

Escape the everyday distractions and concentrate solely on yourself and your vision your business in 2022

Believe It

Create It

Elevate your mindset for new results. Refine your client avatar aka Brand Hero. Create or update your signature offer. Map out your upcoming marketing and launch plan. You’ll have my team and I right by your side to help and support you every step of the way.

Create It

Live It

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the West Coast of South Africa. Enjoy daily frolics on the beach, yoga, journaling and relaxing poolside. Surround yourself with a group of high-achieving women, who are also going for their goals big-time in 2022. Form long-lasting business connections and a sisterhood that will go beyond the time spent barefoot in the sand.


This first retreat sold out really fastjoin the waitlist!


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I came on the retreat because I wanted to get my marketing, social media and branding right. Besides getting my signature program ready for launch, the amazing women were the biggest highlight. I know these women will be friends and colleagues for life. I got everything I expected and more. Everything was perfect!

Noha Essop


From a training point of view the information that we were given was absolutely invaluable. From an inspirational point of view I feel like there are so many possibilities and I'm brimming with ideas and I just feel like I have my spark back, my mojo is there again!

Jacki Bruniquel


I really recommend working with Chanelle, she has been instrumental and invaluable in helping me decide and get clear on who it is that I want to coach, the value that I have to offer and confidence in my capabilities.

Paula Jones



When’s the last time you were able to step away from the day-to-day hustle of working in your business and focus solely on working on your business?

It can be difficult to manage, grow and scale your business while trying to meet the demands of your busy life.  It sometimes feels like there aren't enough hours in the day and that you’re pulled in so many different directions that you’ll never be able to truly have the business and life of your dreams. And it doesn't help when you feel like your doing this all alone.

Do you desire to grow your business by adding coaching, consulting or mentoring services?

Are you ready to finally be seen as the expert in your industry but not quite sure how to create your personal brand that stands out from the crowd ?

Do you desire to create your signature program, create an amazing marketing blueprint and finally launch your signature offer?

Have you taken a ton of courses and programs before but desire a more personalised level of guidance and support to achieve your business goals?

Do you desire to have more impact, more luxury, more prosperity, more freedom in your business and life, right now?

it’s time to elevate!

I personally invite you to mastermind in paradise, with me and a group of accomplished women who, like you, already have successful businesses and are boldly putting themselves out there in a bigger way and stepping into the role of leader, mentor, or coach.

Walk away with complete clarity, newfound confidence, your new signature offer, marketing blueprint, and launch plan for your year ahead.


... Your very own lavish barefoot luxe beach villa, decadent (yet healthy and nourishing!) food prepared especially for you by our private chef, sundowners by the pool (have you ever seen an African sunset over the ocean? It’s unbelievable)

… Yoga in the mornings (with a focus on breathing, de-stressing and manifestation), serene beach walks, private time to journal and think deeply about what you will be creating in 2020 - with no interruptions!

...You, a select group of lovely ladies and me, masterminding like crazy and having so much fun in a private luxurious beach house only a few steps from the sand with pristine ocean views

… Feeling rejuvenated, inspired, unstuck and fully prepared to ramp up your business and have the most successful year your business has ever seen!

"If you aspire to inspire,you better go live your dream life"

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

If You Desire to:


    Take time to work ON your business, not IN it


    Focus and get a clear plan of action in place for moving your business forward


    Embody the next level you and own your expertise as a leader in your industry


    Surround yourself with other high class entrepreneurs and co-create


    Kick your shoes off, dig your toes in the sand and relax, live your best life, create unforgettable memories; all while learning how to grow and elevate your business and brand

Business Retreat and Mastermind South Africa



    4 nights in our exclusive private luxury beach house villa


    3 Days of Business mentoring and group training, round-table discussions, hot seats, planning, strategy and growth session in one of the most beautiful places on earth


    Welcome drinks by the pool on our first evening to bond and get to know each other


    Private pool for our use only


    A Personal Chef who cooks 5-star meals for us daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


    Daily morning yoga sessions


    45 Minute Personal Massage - get the kinks worked out of your body!


    A professional photographer to capture us enjoying the retreat with group images to use on your blog and/or social media


    Farewell lunch at Blouberg Strand - unbelievable views of Cape Town, and apt farewell.


    A 1hr Intro Group Call via ZOOM before the retreat


    A 1hr Zoom Group Coaching call after the retreat

I've met incredible women from all over the world and I have been beyond inspired by them all. I've been humbled by the kindness, warmth, insight and openness.

Monica Dart


I found so much clarity because I realised who my real target audience was and I was able to pick their brains and that was just invaluable. Being able to ask them what they want and what their needs are that has inspired my package.

Tracy Oosthuizen


It has expanded my horizons in ways that I love, on a practical level I'm going away with a plan that I feel is manageable because I've really thought about it and I'm coming away with some real energy and enthusiasm to get back into my business and move on to the next stage.

Kelly Chandler


Here’s What Our Time Together Will Look Like



Arrival at The Beach House Collection, kick off your shoes, settle in, grab some bubbly, watch the magnificent sunset over the ocean and mix & mingle with everyone.


day 2Your Brand Hero Clarity > Build Your Buying Audience

day 2 Your Brand Hero Clarity > Build Your Buying Audience

Who am I, what do I do - becoming the expert. Transform your brand. 

Build Your Buying Audience AKA the people you’ll sell to. Who do you really want to work with? How will you build the relationship and nurture your audience? 

Create Your Irresistible Signature Offer that sells.

Day 3The Master Plan for 2022 + Create a Sold Out Launch Plan (First offer)

Day 3 The Master Plan for 2022 + Create a Sold Out Launch Plan (First offer)

We drill down your actual launch plan. Pick one of your main offers to apply this to. Once you know how to design a launch with all the key pieces you’ll be able to apply this over and over again going forwards. We’ll keep it easy and practical with the exact step-by-step guidelines on how exactly to do this. No excuses. Just action.


DAY 4Messaging, COPYWRITING, Social Selling + Content Creation

DAY 4 Messaging, COPYWRITING, Social Selling + Content Creation

How to write copy and create content that converts into clients. What to say in your marketing and messaging that will have ideal clients excited to work with you. Learn The Art of Selling on Social media. How to attract clients who can pay whatever you ask. 

VIP Photo Shoots

Day 5It’s Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

Day 5 It’s Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

Check out and head to Blouberg Strand for a farewell and Q&A lunch by the beach.


sample daily outline


    7am - 8:30am

    Yoga, Beach Walk, Journaling


    8:30 am



    9:30 am

    Daily Session #1


    11:30 am

    1 hr Implementation/ Work Session


    12:30 pm



    1:15 pm

    Daily Session #2


    3:15 pm

    1 hour Implementation/ Work Session


    4:15 pm

    Wrap Up and final thoughts


    4:30 pm

    End Of day


    7:30 pm

    Dinner together


VIP PhotographyUpgrade

There is no way that you can come to the beautiful shores of South Africa and not take advantage of the gorgeous scenery

During our time together, you’ll be updating your personal brand. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your brand photos as well. Receive a 1-hr personalized branding shoot. Before you arrive at the retreat, we will jump on a 60-minute Zoom call to prepare for the shoot. We will discuss clothing options, color palettes, styling, everything you need for your unique brand.

There are ONLY 10 VIP sessions available!the Investment:

$500 USD


if you pay in full


    A 1:1 90 Minute Intensive with Me

    before the retreat to deep dive into your business ($650 value)


    Pay in Full and receive a 2-week Personal Coaching Package

    with me to be taken directly after the retreat. This includes a 1 one on one coaching session, a 30 min follow up session and unlimited access to me via Voxer messenger and voice app throughout the two weeks! ($1000 value)

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I’ve invested tens of thousands of $$in courses, programs and private coaching to grow my business to six figures and live

the freedom based lifestyle

Yes, I’ve walked in your shoes and I’ve been exactly where you are. I understand your struggles and what it takes to overcome the fears and create the business you deserve. Throughout the entire retreat I will be there by your side to support you. I’m an open book and you can ask me anything!

The Barefoot Luxe Business Retreat

is PERFECT for you if you’re:


    Desiring more freedom,

    in all areas of your life — your income, your time, your business and want to make a plan to allow for more of it


    A self-starter.

    You’re willing to show up, dive deep, participate and take action


    Lit up by collaboration over competition,

    creating a circle of new business BFFs


    A believer that a rising tide lifts all ships

    you love celebrating everyone’s wins and steer clear of comparisonitis


    Not afraid of constructive feedback

    I’ll be there to guide you in the right direction and help you with what to focus on first


    Keen to geek out on business strategies and get excited about learning the latest in online marketing!

    #nerdalert and I’ll be bringing all the latest in marketing to you during this retreat. But also you  must be open to learning the mindset behind business success as well.

This is a high-levelbusiness retreat

it's not for you if:


    You don’t have an established business yet.

    My clients are experienced experts who are looking to add mentoring, coaching or teaching as an extra arm to their business OR are looking to scale that part of their business. 


    You’re not someone who takes action.

    We can “design at the whiteboard” all day long but if you don’t go out and implement the plan of action afterwards you won’t get results, period.


    You’re easily derailed by comparison.

    During the retreat, you’ll be surrounded by other successful women who are going for big dreams and goals. This is not about comparing what they want, to what you’re going for. It’s about creating the life and business you desire, for the results you wish to create in 2020.

You're officially invited to join me at the

Barefoot Luxe

business retreat


Single OccupancyYour own private room with double bed to enjoy your own space to plot how you’re moving your business forward in a big way in 2022. All meals included.

Beach House view

Shared OccupancyOne room with two single beds to share with your business bestie or fellow retreat attendee. If you’re solo we can match you up with somebody who’s wanting to share a room too. These are limited! All meals included.

We did an amazing formula around the copywriting and that was a great breakthrough for me, just being able to express myself.

Michelle Wood


For me the week turned out to be so much more than just about my business. By the end of the retreat I had learnt so much about myself and it really made me understand who I am and what it is that I'm wanting to create for the people that I'm serving.

Yolandi Boshoff


I felt mentored to an extent that I feel really equipped and I have really had a wonderful connection and relationship building experience.


Alison du Toit


Everyone who pays in full will geta two-week personal coaching package with me

to be taken directly after the retreat.

This includes 1 one on one coaching session, a 30 min follow up session and unlimited access to me via Voxer voice messenger app throughout the two weeks! ($1000 value)

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Step away from the day-to day and give yourself the gift of being fully supported and surrounded by powerful women and mentorsRecharge, relax and have the time of your life

while taking your business to the next level.


Hi There!

I'm Chanelleand I know what you’re struggling with because I’ve been where you are right now.

I spent 10 years as one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the UK, lugging my gear to shoot after shoot — and then coming right back home to my Mac to edit the photos I took. When I wasn’t staying local, I was traveling to places like Bali and Morocco to shoot on location.

90% of my weddings were published in glossy wedding magazines, and I was even commissioned by You & Your Wedding Magazine to shoot the back fashion pages. As my reputation grew, so did my workload. It was an endless cycle of late nights, early mornings, and full weeks spent away from my family, immersed in my job.

I was grateful to have so much business, of course, but I knew I needed a new approach to doing what I loved — one that didn’t require me to miss out on beach days with my daughter and date nights with my hubby.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back? When I realised I was busting a gut — and still making less money than my daughter’s nanny!

That’s when I became a business mentor and transitioned from behind the scenes to the face of my own personal brand.

Something had to change and FAST. That’s when I became a business mentor and transitioned from behind the scenes to the face of my own personal brand. By October of that year, I had my first $17K month in sales. And now here I am enjoying a $35K launch in a period of two weeks!

I finally have everything I wanted when I became an entrepreneur: full control over my schedule, a global impact, financial freedom, and more time with the people who matter most to me in this world. I'm a six-figure earner who has built my life and business around my own terms and doing things my way #NewNormal

I'd love to help you do the same.

Some awesome letting go and being able to believe more in myself. It's been a huge shift for me going forward and I have the confidence and the knowledge to do the actionable things. I can plan it out and I can move forward believing in myself and my business.

Bev Jardine


I got to do work on my business, that was quite transformational for me and I had so much clarity around my business and what I'm doing going forward. I actually leave next week to move to Bali.

Sharni Quinn


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I would love to host another retreat in 2022. Please join the waitlist to be the first to know when dates are released. Let's hope the world opens up more and more.