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Get Uncomfortable, Grow Your Business [Video]

Time for an internal check-up (and by internal I mean looking inwards, digging deep and finding courage).  You know that feeling, when you're scared to reach out to somebody or you're not sure about putting yourself on camera, being in photos, or opening up on social media. You get UNCOMFORTABLE. You know what I mean,...
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What is today’s definition of success?

Gone are the days of being proud of an overflowing inbox, burning the midnight oil and spinning out of control. TODAY SUCCESS IS REDEFINED AS: Having time freedom Working less while achieving more Being off all weekend Taking regular holidays away Creating daily routines that support you The more you learn to let go, outsource and...
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The law of attraction used practically [Video]

Today I’m talking about the law of attraction. I share a practical example of how it worked for me and how you can use it to attract the dream clients that you really want to work with. A law unto oneself. A year ago, I dreamt up my BIG package. It was all consuming, kinda...
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The Key To Having It All

I often get asked by other moms how I get the balance of parenting and being a CEO right. The core of it is shifting from "owning your job" to that of a business owner. You simply cannot and should not do everything yourself. Growing up in South Africa where there are beliefs in our...
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