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5 Stages of Market Sophistication

This may be why your marketing's falling on deaf ears -  Market Sophistication was introduced by Eugene Schwartz in his 1966 book Breakthrough Advertising. The term addresses the different levels of client awareness and is divided into 5 stages. Each stage looks at how sophisticated your clients’ knowledge is of your market and what it’s...
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Why You Must Use Storytelling in Your Marketing

In the age of smartphones, social media, and being virtually connected to everyone all of the time, the dynamics of marketing have changed. Intrusive, selfish, and egocentric marketing tactics no longer work in the way they used to. Clients see through gimmicks and turn their back away from companies that push unwanted products and services...
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How to Scale Your Business

When you started your business, you were doing all the things! From coming up with the perfect name and logo, through doing all the work, as well as all the nitty gritty administrative tasks that never seemed to end. It was a bit of a slog, but you got through it! Now that you have...
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How to Add more Personality into Your Brand

In a recent article, I discussed the importance of personal branding and how it can open doors for you. I talked about how we would choose a Martha Stewart recipe online over other authors purely because of her name, but have you ever watched her cook on TV? She’s somewhat dry and bland! She’s done...
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The Key To Having It All

I often get asked by other moms how I get the balance of parenting and being a CEO right. The core of it is shifting from "owning your job" to that of a business owner. You simply cannot and should not do everything yourself. Growing up in South Africa where there are beliefs in our...
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