I can't wait to support you with your new brand + site build

I'm looking forward to working with you on your new brand and site build. If we are not already connected on Voxer you can find me there @chanellesb

Voxer is great for keeping on track, bouncing ideas, letting me know that there's copy, images or content to check over and suits voice notes that are around 1 to 3 mins. Please share the sales page/website copy for me to check via Google Docs.

Inside the course hub, you will find a sales page writing template to use in Module 3

Module 4 is all about creating your personal brand and website. Please do watch the videos there to help prepare for the build.

To kick things off please book in your Zoom call with me:

UK, EU, RSA, NZ or AUS book in via this link

USA time zone book your call here

I will create a DropBox folder for you with organised folders for all of the website content. The build won't start until we have everything ready upfront.

I will project manage the process with my developer and you'll have me as your personal Creative Director.


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